As a proud member of the Oughtred Society I provide the following message:

The Oughtred Society

The Oughtred Society was founded in 1991 by a group of like-minded slide rule collectors. The organization was named for William Oughtred, an English clergyman and mathematician who is generally credited with the invention of both the linear and the circular slide rules.

Since its inception, the society has evolved into a not-for-profit, educational organization dedicated to the history and collection of slide rules and mechanical calculators. Goals of the organization include the dissemination and sharing of information about slide rules, encouragement for slide rule collectors and preservation of slide rules, their history and associated ephemera. In a more general sense, the society recognizes the benefits of encouraging numeracy, an appreciation of and facility with numbers.

The original intent of the Society was to provide a venue for the exchange of information about slide rules. Thus the idea of The Journal of the Oughtred Society was born.

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