Graphical Firing Table Slide Rule

WW II Vintage

This slide rule was produced by K&E after 1943. There is a 1943 date on the rule. The scales are obviously for artillery calculations. There are three slides for different types of guns and different types of calculations. There is a C and D scale which qualifies the rule as a slide rule.

The rule is of the Mannheim type. The base of the rule is mahogany with a lighter wood used for the stators. The rule is 18 1/4 inches long and 2 3/4 inches wide. The scales are 15 3/4 inches long. The thickness of the rule is 5/8 inch. The surface of the wood is painted and the scales are screened on.

Scans are from the collection of Clark McCoy

Front side of slide rule

Front of slides

Rear of slides

Back of rule

Top edge of rule

End profile of rule