K&E "American" 10" Mannheim Slide Rule

The "American" slide rule by K&E is of the Mannheim style on a blond wood frame. The wood is probably boxwood. The frame is of single piece construction and is not adjustable. The scales are engine divided on a celluloid laminate. The scale set is like the 4041 family with a different lettering style.

Dating of this slide rule is difficult as it does not show in any available catalogs. It has been theorized that this was the first slide rule made in America by K&E. It was probably made before 1900 as it doesn't have the adjustable frame of the 1900 patent.

Conrad Schure authored an article in the Oughtred Society Journal in the Fall of 2001.

Scale set for the "American"

	A = B C = D   
	= S L T = --- (L scale increases to the left)