K&E 4015 Fuller's Model 1 Calculator

Early wood very early serial number

The following is the description from an eBay sale on Nov. 11, 2002 by Steve Jones.

This is an exceptionally early Fuller's Calculator by Stanley, London, England. This is the earliest form of Professor Fuller's Type 1 calculator with very low serial number (633) dating it to around 1884. The serial number is repeated on both the brass cursor and the scale (proving the scale to be original and not replaced at a later date). The label on the inside of the box is original (a standard nineteenth century Stanley label), and neither box nor calculator has the brass bracket/arm introduced in the early twentieth century.

It measures just approximately 16.5 inches long but can be extended to allow the outer sleeve (with scale) to fully expose the inner tables.

The box has a couple of cracks in the lid and the lock is missing (but is otherwise solid). The scales have yellowed with age and there are several surface blemishes but no significant damage. There is a modern printed sheet giving information about the calculator but no instruction booklet.

Considering it's age, this calculator is in excellent condition.

It is hard to do justice with photographs of a Fuller. The following photographs were downloaded from an eBay auction page and they do a very good job of describing this Fuller Model I.: